"Tianli lens cup" cross year mobile Photography Competition


"Tianli lens cup" cross year mobile Photography Competition

Pixel Bee & the "Tianli lens cup" new year mobile photography competition jointly launched by "Tianli lens photography circle" has begun!

Please upload your mobile photography masterpiece and share with us what you see, feel and shoot during the new year ~ New Year's day and spring

All works taken before and after the festival.

Schedule time:

Draft: December 20 - January 31

Selection: February 1-5

Publicity: February 7

Event rewards:

1 first prize: Tianli fish eye micro distance 2 in 1 lens + Master Wen's photo album

Second prize 2: Tianli fish eye macro lens 1

Three third prize winners: Tianli endorsement, master of humanities signature album 1

*Contribution to "Tianli lens photography circle", higher chance of winning awards

*All awards are from the works submitted during the activity


@Monitor Chen, Tianli lens: leader of Tianli lens photography circle, general manager of Tianli lens, China Photographers Association

Member, director of entrepreneur Photography Association (Shenzhen), member of presidium of Shenzhen Young Photographers Association, North American Mobile photography

Director of the film association.

@Wen Jianjun: Chief image spokesman of Tianli products, national leader in the field of photography, international photography art curator

, chairman of Shenzhen youth Photographers Association, vice chairman of Guangdong Youth Photographers Association, Shenzhen Youth Federation

Member of the 7th standing committee, vice chairman of Futian Photographers Association, Shenzhen, signed artist of Armani brand, Kodak public, 2003

He is an Asian image photographer and a senior commercial art designer in China.

@Wu Dongqing: Tianli signed photography KOL, photographer agent, multi platform signed photographer, 10 years of photography industry

Experience, mainly around the photographer to do behind the scenes planning work, link photographers and media platforms.

Rules for submission:

All mobile phone and camera works that can reflect the theme of "cross year" can be submitted;

Click the "Submit Now" button on this page, or bring the "Tianli New Year" label when publishing the works to participate in the competition;

Contestants can process their entries properly. Please do not watermark them. To avoid disputes, participants should keep the original documents of the entries;

The copyright of all the entries belongs to the author, and the organizer has the right to copy and record all the entries, publish and display them on the relevant media platforms, publish and publicize picture albums, and use them in exhibitions and non-profit publicity activities;

Participants shall have independent and complete copyright for their works, and ensure that the works submitted do not infringe the rights of third parties, including but not limited to copyright, portrait right, reputation right, privacy right, etc;

The final explanation of this competition belongs to the organizer.

Sponsor & sponsor:

Join "Tianli lens photography circle" to share mobile photography works together.

Sponsor brand introduction:

Members of China Film Association and Tianli brand were registered in 2001. Tianli mobile lens is the first factory to enter the global Apple store,

Tianli lens has won 14 domestic patents and the title of the best mobile lens in people's photography, 2004-2019

Participating in Hong Kong Electronic Exhibition, the products have obtained SGS certification of EU standards. 16 year gold member of Alibaba platform, Taiwan funded

24 years optical factory. Official website: http://www.tanlalens.com

Example of contribution: